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Audio: Podcasts

Mary P. Shriver Interview

Warrior Women with a Purpose Podcast with Kole Whitty

Hosted by with Kole Whittey, Mary discusses The Resilience Toolkit and the need for self-regulation as a precursor to any and all trauma work including TRE, 2018

Nkem Ndefo interview

Nkem Ndefo Interview on "Own Your Own Truth" Podcast

 Mary's business partner, colleague, mentor and Founder of Lumos Transforms, Nkem Ndefo gives a most comprehensive description of 

The Resilience Toolkit

- E 10: Embodiment, Awareness and Building Resilience

Dan Seigel interview


This Broken Brain interview with Dan Seigel is deeply rich and informative. I strongly encourage all my clients to listen to it. 

(It's over and hour so get some tea and a blanket)

Interview with Dr. Mark Burhenne


 -E 62: Better Sleep with Dr. Mark Burhenne

This podcast is fascinating!!  It links sleep and wellness to oral health and dentistry in ways that make so much sense that I am embarrassed that I didn't think of it.  

Moms and Doulas:  Listen to what he says about breastfeeding about 40 mins in.