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TRE Facilitator, Mary P. Shriver is interviewed by Portland Helmich, "Headlines, Heath and Healing"  2014.

Video: Simple Explanation of Tremor

A cartoon by South Africa TRE, Stars Group explains Freeze State and the therapeutic tremor as understood by TRE, 2015.

Video: Advanced Explanation of Tremor

TRE Trainer,  Richmond Heath explains neurogenic/therapeutic tremors in the context of the stress-relaxation cycle according to Stephen Porges, 2018. "Parasympathetic Arousal: a poly-vagal informed model of neurogenic tremors" (20 minutes)

Video: Lower Back Pain

Dr. Evan Osar on Corrective Exercise  Strategies for Lower Back Pain:  Th​​e Psoas and Anterior Pelvic Tilt. 

Video: Pelvic Floor

One of my personal faves, Katy Bowman explains a little about the Pelvic Floor. 


Video: TRE and Birth

Tremoring Before and After Giving Birth: This wonderful video from Germany offers testimonials from midwives about the tremor process before, during and after birth.